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Hazel's Circus Suitcase
Hazel's Circus Suitcase

Tonnes of Tricks and Gaggles of Giggles.

Internationally acclaimed juggler Hazel Bock, former Circus Oz star and fresh from her successful European tour, is back with a brand new 45 minute spectacular "Hazel�s Circus Suitcase�. This show brings your imagination to life with the perfect blend of circus and clown. Jump into her extraordinary world where tables spin, plates fly and regular kids are transformed into circus stars. You won't want to miss the sensational finale that will have you so far on the edge of your seat you might fall off!

A wide variety short acts will keep little attention spans rapt including juggling, shadow puppets, plate spinning and foot juggling all interwoven with moments of brilliant stupidity. This one woman show proves that girls can do anything, even juggle with their toes! �Can you fit a whole circus in a suitcase? I'm not sure but we are going to find out� said Hazel Bock performer. Suitable for kids of all ages and everyone who likes fancy tricks and silly bits.

"It is both funny and breathtaking and she has a terrific sense of timing."
Hillary Crampton THE AGE

"Bock steals the show with her two sets of foot-juggling, that are just gobsmacking in their skill. ... a particularly strong presence on stage."


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