Feature Acts

Stunning feature act lasting between 4 and 7 minutes, these are showstopping acts that have impressed audiences across the globe. From intimate cabarets to five thousand seat stadiums whatever your venue, Hazels amazing acts will have your audience enthralled.

Foot Juggling Act

IJA Gold Medallist 2020

Hazel wows your guests by balancing, tumbling and juggling objects with her feet. In this astonishing act she expertly juggles up to five balls and a huge stack of suitcases. Performed with her own unmistakable charm. An unusual, visual and entertaining act.

Ring Juggling

GOP Theatre 2017

Hazel is one of Australia’s best jugglers expertly manipulating up to seven objects at once. In this fast paced and joyful act, she dazzles the audience creating a beautiful array of different shapes in the air.

Plate Spinning

Circus Quirkus 2016

Feel the tension build as she chaotically strives to achieve the seemingly impossible. Using a young volunteer from the audience this act will have you on the edge of your seat.

Ball Juggling

Hazels Circus Suitcase 2017

Amazing highly skilled juggling combined with quirky personality, Ball juggling allows for more body movement and fun choreography. A great act for children’s events and smaller stages.

That's not all.

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